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Cellular Landscapes

Tour of a Human Cell©
Price: $85.00

A beautiful, engaging and educational water color poster by scientist, author and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that takes you on a journey from the nucleus to the outer cell membrane.

E. coli Poster©
Price: $27.00

Your students can examine the molecular process of a bacterial E. coli cell with this beautiful water color poster created by David Goodsell, PhD, scientist, author and artist.

Mitochondria Poster©
Price: $27.00

An eye-catching illustration by David Goodsell, PhD, scientist, author and artist, of the inner membrane of mitochondria and the large protein complexes of the electron transport chain.

Synapse Poster©
Price: $27.00

Dr. David Goodsell’s captivating water color poster will lead your students through the molecular interactions found at neuromuscular synapse vesicles filled with acetylcholine, to a final breakdown of excess neurotransmitters.