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DNA Discovery Kit©
DNA Discovery Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
DNA Discovery Kit©

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Discover the structure of DNA!
Starting at: $52.00

Grade Levels
Middle School
High School

Students per Group
2 - 4 Students

Choking Hazard
Small Magnets
Science Education Product

Project Lead the Way
BioMedical Sciences Program recommends 1 12-Base Pair Kit per student group of 3

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DNA Base Pairs*:
12-Base Pair Set $299.00
2-Base Pair Set $52.00

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Let your students explore the structure of DNA — just as Watson and Crick did. This self-instructive magnetic DNA model kit quickly and easily combines into accurate 3-D nucleotides, which then connect to form the double helix.

Our DNA Discovery Kit© gives students the same challenge facing James Watson and Francis Crick when they first discovered the correct structure of double-stranded DNA more than 50 years ago.

Armed with the nitrogenous bases, deoxyribose groups and phosphate groups, and the same facts that Watson and Crick had in 1953, your students will be able discover the structure of DNA for themselves. As your students manipulate the A-T and G-C base pairs in the magnetic DNA model, they will feel the simulated hydrogen bonding between the nucleotides and see the double helix emerge. The DNA Discovery Kit© also reinforces the concept of science as a dynamic, creative process, in which groups of people work together – or in competition – to construct an understanding of the natural world.

Teacher-developed and field-tested, the DNA model kit’s 12 Base-Pair Set contains 6 A-T and 6 G-C base pairs, display stand and 2 mini toobers. The 2 Base Pair Set includes 1 A-T and 1 G-C base pair.

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