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DNA Starter Kit©
DNA Starter Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
DNA Starter Kit©

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Fun, colorful foam pieces introduce DNA!
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Upper Elementary
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High School

Students per Group
2 - 4 Students

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Science Education Product

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DNASK Groups*:
1-Group Set $37.00
2-Group Set $70.00
Phosphate Expansion Pack $17.00

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Our friendly, interactive foam DNA model makes double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA. It will quickly capture your students’ attention as you introduce the basics of DNA structure then move into replication and transcription.

The DNA Starter Kit© is a schematic DNA model that transforms from the familiar ladder shape to the double helix with a simple twist. Your students can explore the structure of color-coded DNA bases showing purines and pyrimidines, which connect to a continuous sugar-phosphate backbone. Then they can explore the process of DNA replication and transcription. Using the DNA model kit’s individual gray sugar-phosphate pieces, they can synthesize a new strand of DNA – one base at a time – showing the semi-conservative replication of DNA. Finally they can synthesize mRNA – using the purple sugar-phosphate pieces – to show the process of transcription.

You can turn the nucleotide monophophates into nucleotide triphosphates with the DNA Starter Kit© Triphosphate Expansion Pack. The extra phosphates allow your students to model the action of the DNA polymerase as it cleaves the triphosphate and joins the nucleotide monophosphate to the growing DNA strand in replication. Triphosphates can also be used in transcription and to model ATP.

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