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Demo DNA Nucleotides©
Demo DNA Nucleotides<sup>&#169;</sup>
Demo DNA Nucleotides©

Large, colorful foam pieces introduce DNA!
Starting at: $43.00

Grade Levels
Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School

Students per Group
2 - 4 Students

Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

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Product Code: DDNS

Description Contents Teacher Resources
The sky is the limit to what you can teach using these new large-scale,
color-coded foam nucleotides. Begin by teaching the complementary A-T
and C-G base pairs and the antiparallel nature of double-stranded DNA.
Move on to the flow of genetic information as you teach the basic
processes of semiconservative DNA replication and mRNA transcription.
You can then stretch your students by introducing PCR (polymerase chain
reaction) and the Sanger DNA sequencing method -- and much more.

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