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Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9©
Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9<sup>&#169;</sup>
Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9©

Model CRISPR Biotechnology!
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Science Education Product
California Proposition 65

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Model how the Cas9 protein is programmed with RNA to search for and identify specific sequences of DNA before making the double-stranded cut. Explore and discuss how Cas9 is being engineered with new features that make it a useful tool for editing the human genome. With the kit's colorful foam pieces and placemat your students can:

  • Build a schematic model of the CRISPR-Cas9 RNA-guided endonuclease.
  • Understand how the protein binds to a specific sequence of double-stranded DNA - and cuts it.
  • Demonstrate how that cut destroys viral genome and prevents the infection of bacteria.
  • And much more!

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