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Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©
Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene<sup>&#169;</sup>
Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©

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A 3DMD Bioinformatics Activity©
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2 - 4 Students

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12 Student 1 Teacher Map Combo $185.00


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Don’t just tell your students about triplet codons, reading frames, or introns and exons. Let them discover these eukaryotic gene features as they explore the Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©. Starting with the protein sequence, students work backwards to discover the ß-globin gene in our inquiry-based activity. This 15’ laminated map creates a powerful impression, helping your students understand how much information in packaged in a gene. Student maps can be used by individuals or small groups and are available in combo sets of 1, 3 or 12. One teacher's map comes with every combo. The teacher’s map features highlighted reading frames and mutation sites. Teachers’ notes, instructions, and student handout are provided. All maps are laminated. This activity is intended for biotech and AP and honors biology students.

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