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Molecules of Life Collection<sup>&#169;</sup>
Molecules of Life Collection©
Starting at: $650.00
Classroom Sets: $487.50
Savings: $162.50
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Get down to the biomolecules that are essential to sustain life – carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and
nucleic acids -- with this 3-D molecular model collection.
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Acetylcholinesterase Active Site Cube<sup>&#169;</sup>
Acetylcholinesterase Active Site Cube©
Starting at: $499.00

What better way to illustrate what happens inside an enzyme than with this 3-D model of acetylcholinesterase? Just unfold the active site cube to show the amino acid side chains, and demonstrate how toxins can affect the enzyme. more info
Neurotransmitters Module
Neurotransmitters Module: The Beery Twins’ Story
Starting at: $29.00

Captivate your students and cover a wide range of science topics with
the true story of California twins Noah and Alexis Beery, who have gene
variants that cause them to have life-threatening low levels of three
neurotransmitters. Whole genome sequencing in 2010 identified a mutation
in the gene that encodes the sepiapterin reductase enzyme, leading to a
molecular diagnosis and successful treatment.
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Hemoglobin Nylon Model
Hemoglobin Nylon Model
Starting at: $750.00
Sale Price $562.50
Savings: $187.50

Our hemoglobin nylon model is the 3-D protein structure that every science classroom needs to explore the quaternary structure of proteins. It also features the ß-globin protein mutation that causes sickle cell anemia. more info
Aquaporin Channel Mini Model
Aquaporin Channel Mini Model
Starting at: $84.00
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Don’t just tell your students how aquaporin moves water across a lipid bilayer. Show them its structure and discuss its function with our colorful 3-D protein model. more info
Green Fluorescent Protein Mini Model
Green Fluorescent Protein Mini Model
Starting at: $112.00
Sale Price $84.00
Savings: $28.00

Use this colorful, 3-D protein model to explain the structure and function of the green fluorescent protein (GFP), an example of a beta barrel, and how GFP has become an excellent tool in biotechnology. more info
Nucleosome Mini Model
Nucleosome Mini Model
Starting at: $252.00
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Show your students how DNA is organized in the nucleus of the cell with our 3-D model of the nucleosome, the most basic, repeating structural unit of chromosomes. more info
Sodium Channel Mini Model
Sodium Channel Mini Model
Starting at: $101.00
Sale Price $75.75
Savings: $25.25

Voltage-gated sodium channels play a critical role in generating the action potential in signaling neurons.  As they open – in response to an approaching action potential – sodium ions enter the cell, leading to depolarization and a continuation of the action potential. more info
Potassium Channel Mini Model
Potassium Channel Mini Model
Starting at: $105.00
This Item is No Longer for Sale

Help your students better visualize and understanding ionic interactions and protein channel selectivity with our engaging, 3-D protein model of the potassium channel. more info
Insulin Model
Insulin Model
Starting at: $45.00

Explore how disulfide bonds stabilize the A and B chains of human insulin, with our 3-D protein Insulin Model. The model also can be used as a template for the Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©. more info