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Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene<sup>&#169;</sup>
Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©
Starting at: $40.00

An inquiry-based activity using the sequence of the human ß-globin gene. Your students will use the sequence, displayed on our 15’ laminated map, to discover that eukaryotic genes contain exons and introns.
Tour of a Human Cell
Tour of a Human Cell©
Starting at: $51.00

A beautiful, engaging and educational water color poster by scientist, author and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that takes you on a journey from the nucleus to the outer cell membrane.
<i>E. coli</i> Poster
E. coli Poster©
Starting at: $29.00

Your students can examine the molecular process of a bacterial E. coli cell with this beautiful water color poster created by David Goodsell, PhD, scientist, author and artist.
Mitochondria Poster
Mitochondria Poster©
Starting at: $29.00

An eye-catching illustration by David Goodsell, PhD, scientist, author and artist, of the inner membrane of mitochondria and the large protein complexes of the electron transport chain.
Synapse Poster
Neuromuscular Synapse Poster©
Starting at: $29.00

Dr. David Goodsell’s captivating water color poster will lead your students through the molecular interactions found at neuromuscular synapse vesicles filled with acetylcholine, to a final breakdown of excess neurotransmitters.
Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection
Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©
Starting at: $56.00

A stunning watercolor poster by scientist, author and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that explores the molecular mechanisms that protect our bodies from influenza virus infection, and the events that transpire when those defenses fail and infection occurs.
Amino Acid Starter Kit Poster<sup>&#169;</sup>
Amino Acid Starter Kit Poster©
Starting at: $24.00

This colorful, laminated poster is a must-have companion to the Amino Acid Starter Kit©, which helps students explore how the unique chemical properties of the 20 amino acids determine the final shape of a protein.
3DMD Genetic Codon Posters<sup>&#169;</sup>
3DMD Genetic Codon Posters©
Starting at: $24.00

A must-have companion to 3D Molecular Designs’ popular Amino Acid Starter Kit©, ß-Globin Folding Kit©, and Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©. These laminated posters show students the link between the triplet codon in mRNA and the properties of amino acids.
Hemoglobin Poster<sup>&#169;</sup>
Hemoglobin Poster©
Starting at: $21.00

From exploring the question “Why do we breathe?” to illustrating the structure of hemoglobin, the cause of sickle cell anemia and the physiology of oxygen transport, our colorful Hemoglobin Poster will spark new inquiry among your students.
Insulin Poster<sup>&#169;</sup>
Insulin Poster©
Starting at: $21.00

Our colorful, laminated poster highlights how the insulin protein can be used to explore a broad range of biology topics, from the flow of genetic information to diabetes control.