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Water Kit
Water Kit
Starting at: $49.00

A FUN tool to help you teach water concepts. Your students will use these magnetic water molecules to discover hydrogen bonding, make ice, dissolve salt, evaporate water, explore transpiration, create ethanol, and much more.
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Amino Acid Starter Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
Amino Acid Starter Kit©
Starting at: $69.00

This engaging, hands-on protein-folding kit makes teaching protein structure basics easy. Your students will fold a protein while exploring how the chemical properties of amino acids determine its final structure.

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DNA Discovery Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
This Item is No Longer for Sale

CLICK HERE to see our next generation DNA kit - Dynamic DNA - that does MORE and costs LESS than the DNA Discovery Kit!
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Enzymes in Action Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
Enzymes in Action Kit©
Starting at: $38.00

Our new foam protein kit introduces your students to enzymes. They will use the engaging foam model pieces and activities to identify the substances involved in enzymatic activity, explore how enzymatic reactions occur, demonstrate the catabolism and anabolism, and much more. more info
Substrate Specificity Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
Substrate Specificity Kit©
Starting at: $54.00

Help your students achieve that "aha moment" with this simple but elegant kit that demonstrates the highly-specific interaction between a substrate and an enzyme. more info
Biotechnology Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
Biotechnology Kit©
Starting at: $99.00

Help your students achieve a better understanding of multiple biotechnology concepts including diagnostics, forensics, and bacterial transformation with a single hands-on modeling kit! Using the color-coded foam nucleotides in the Biotechnology Kit© and teacher-developed activities, students:

  • Model polymerase chain reaction and how flanking primers result in the exponential amplification of a short product.
  • Model the Sanger DNA sequencing method using chain-terminating fluorescent dideoxy nucleotide analogs.
  • Model DNA cloning using restriction endonucleases to cut DNA at specific sequences.
  • And more!
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Flow of Genetic Information Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
Flow of Genetic Information Kit©
Starting at: $119.00

It’s the product that 3DMD customers have been asking for and a must-have for everyone who hasn't seen it's earlier versions! Our new Flow of Genetic Information Kit will allow your students to model DNA replication using color-coded, foam nucleotides and a placemat; model RNA transcription as they copy one strand of DNA into mRNA using an RNA polymerase; and model translation/protein synthesis as they decode the mRNA into protein on the ribosome placemat. Your students can then explore the folding of the protein into its final 3D shape using the popular Amino Acid Starter Kit. more info
DNA Starter Kit<sup>&#169;</sup>
DNA Starter Kit©
Starting at: $37.00

Our friendly, interactive foam model DNA kit of double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA will quickly capture your students’ attention as you introduce the basics of DNA structure then move into replication and transcription. more info
Demo DNA Nucleotides<sup>&#169;</sup>
Demo DNA Nucleotides©
Starting at: $49.00

The sky is the limit to what you can teach using these new large-scale, color-coded foam nucleotides. Begin by teaching the complementary A-T and C-G base pairs and the antiparallel nature of double-stranded DNA. Move on to the flow of genetic information as you teach the basic processes of semiconservative DNA replication and mRNA transcription. You can then stretch your students by introducing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and the Sanger DNA sequencing method -- and much more.

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Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene<sup>&#169;</sup>
Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©
Starting at: $45.00

An inquiry-based activity using the sequence of the human ß-globin gene. Your students will use the sequence, displayed on our 15’ laminated map, to discover that eukaryotic genes contain exons and introns. more info