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Synapse Poster
Neuromuscular Synapse Poster©
Starting at: $29.00

Dr. David Goodsell’s captivating water color poster will lead your students through the molecular interactions found at neuromuscular synapse vesicles filled with acetylcholine, to a final breakdown of excess neurotransmitters. more info
The Data Dilemma<sup>&#169</sup>
The Data Dilemma©
Starting at: $27.00

Modeling is an important and integral part of the practice of science. This foam puzzle set is a colorful, engaging tool to encourage scientific collaboration and facilitate discussions about how scientific models evolve. more info
The Mystery Tube<sup>&#169;</sup>
The Mystery Tube©
Starting at: $36.00

A fun and challenging introduction to the practice of science. Your students will assume the role of research scientists as they make observations and propose a mechanism which explains the properties of the Mystery Tube©. more info
Modeling Mini Toobers
Modeling Mini Toobers
Starting at: $12.00
Sale Price $10.20
Savings: $1.80

Our versatile Modeling Mini Toobers provide hands-on learning experiences in many science disciplines and should be part of your classroom’s collection of 3-D science materials. more info
Sodium Channel Mini Model
Sodium Channel Mini Model
Starting at: $101.00
Sale Price $75.75
Savings: $25.25

Voltage-gated sodium channels play a critical role in generating the action potential in signaling neurons.  As they open – in response to an approaching action potential – sodium ions enter the cell, leading to depolarization and a continuation of the action potential. more info
Potassium Channel Mini Model
Potassium Channel Mini Model
Starting at: $105.00
This Item is No Longer for Sale

Help your students better visualize and understanding ionic interactions and protein channel selectivity with our engaging, 3-D protein model of the potassium channel. more info
Potassium Channel Bound with Scorpion Toxin Mini Model
Potassium Channel Bound with Scorpion Toxin Mini Model
Starting at: $145.00
This Item is currently Not for Sale

An ideal classroom tool to help take your lesson about ionic interactions and protein channel selectivity to the next level. more info
Water Tattoos
Water Tattoos
Starting at: $31.00

Use our temporary Water Tattoos to recognize your students for good classwork and at the same time reinforce the concepts related to the 3 states of water. more info
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate

Treat your special teacher or student with their choice of product!  Gift certificates can be mailed or emailed to the recipient. more info