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Water Kit
Water Kit
Starting at: $49.00

A FUN tool to help you teach water concepts. Your students will use these magnetic water molecules to discover hydrogen bonding, make ice, dissolve salt, evaporate water, explore transpiration, create ethanol, and much more.
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NaCl Lattice<sup>&#169;</sup>
NaCl Lattice©
Starting at: $99.00

Take your salt crystal lessons from 2-D to 3-D. These colorful sodium chloride ion models will help your students discover the cubic nature of salt crystals, efficient lattice packing, high melting temperature, brittleness and cleavage planes.

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Amino Acid Starter Kit Poster<sup>&#169;</sup>
Amino Acid Starter Kit Poster©
Starting at: $25.00

This colorful, laminated poster is a must-have companion to the Amino Acid Starter Kit©, which helps students explore how the unique chemical properties of the 20 amino acids determine the final shape of a protein. more info
Acetylcholinesterase Active Site Cube<sup>&#169;</sup>
Acetylcholinesterase Active Site Cube©
Starting at: $499.00
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What better way to illustrate what happens inside an enzyme than with this 3-D model of acetylcholinesterase? Just unfold the active site cube to show the amino acid side chains, and demonstrate how toxins can affect the enzyme. more info
The Data Dilemma<sup>&#169</sup>
The Data Dilemma©
Starting at: $27.00

Modeling is an important and integral part of the practice of science. This foam puzzle set is a colorful, engaging tool to encourage scientific collaboration and facilitate discussions about how scientific models evolve. more info
The Mystery Tube<sup>&#169;</sup>
The Mystery Tube©
Starting at: $36.00

A fun and challenging introduction to the practice of science. Your students will assume the role of research scientists as they make observations and propose a mechanism which explains the properties of the Mystery Tube©. more info
Modeling Mini Toobers
Modeling Mini Toobers
Starting at: $12.00

Our versatile Modeling Mini Toobers provide hands-on learning experiences in many science disciplines and should be part of your classroom’s collection of 3-D science materials. more info
Amino Acid Building Block Models
Amino Acid Building Block Models
Starting at: $15.00

Your students will discover the basic repeating structure of amino acids by building 2 models. Then, they can form a dipeptide bond, linking the 2 models together and creating a chain.

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Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate

Treat your special teacher or student with their choice of product!  Gift certificates can be mailed or emailed to the recipient. more info
Student Modeling Pack Collection
Student Modeling Pack Collection
Starting at: $60.00

Get all 6 packs for one low price!

  • Protein Student Modeling Pack
  • Membrane Student Modeling Pack
  • Double Helix Student Modeling Pack
  • Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack
  • Chromosome Student Modeling Pack
  • Water Student Modeling Pack

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